What is happening to Britain nowadays?  Rapists are getting younger and younger, and yes, so are the victims.  Just the other day, two 10-year old boys were charged in a magistrate court in Uxbridge, west London for raping a 8-year old girl.

Do the rapists know the victim?  Yes they do.  The victim was a 8-year old schoolgirl.  Like any 8-year old children, she was out playing at College Park in Hayes during the half-term school holidays.  In fact, she reportedly went there with the boys.  And on this particular day, there were no adults supervising the 3 children as they played at College Park.

But why College Park?  Because this park has the climbing frame and swings which children love to play with.  College Park is close to the Hayes Community Campus, which is part of Uxbridge College.

Things went horribly wrong for the 8-year old girl that day.  She said later that she was taken by the 2 boys to the bushes at the edge of the park.  There the boys took turns to rape her.

The sexual assaults came to light when the girl broke away and ran home to tell her horrified parents.  They reported the rape to the police, who then arrested the 2 boys.

Think about it.  It is bad when adults commit sexual crimes against adults.  It is even worse when adults commit sexual assualts against children. But now we see children raping chldren – 10 year olds raping 8 year old.  What has gone wrong with society? 

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