Pregnant Wife’s Delimna

Saudi Arabia is enforcing its strict mixed marriage law.  A Saudi man and his pregnant wife are in a fix now.  He has been instructed by the local police to deport his foreign born wife because he did not get permission to marry her in the first place.

About The Case

 Six years ago, Mustafa Ghalib Al-Bargi married a Chadian wife.  They have 2 children, both sons, aged 2 and 3 years respectively.  Mustafa Ghalib Al-Bargi works as a security guard in Dammam.  Just as he was celebrating the coming birth of his 3rd child, Mustafa Ghalib Al-Bargi was ordered by police in Dammam to deport his Chadian wife within a week. Failure to do so will mean that Mustafa Ghalib Al-Bargi will be charged in court. 

Police said that Mustafa Ghalib Al-Bargi broke the strict law on mixed marriage, and thus must be punished. Okaz Arabic daily reported: “Police said they are taking these measures because Al Bargi married his foreign wife without getting permission from the authorities concerned.”

Apparently Mustafa Ghalib Al-Bargi wasn’t aware of the need to get permission from the Saudi government to marry a foreigner. But ignorance is no excuse, and so police spokesman Bandr Al-Makhlif sadi: “Al-Bargi has broken the law and is liable for punishment.”

Mustafa Ghalib Al-Bargi probably didn’t think he needed Saudi government permission to marry a foreigner.  But he did think it necessary to get the Chadian goverment’s approval for the marriage.  In fact, Mustafa Ghalib Al-Bargi said that his marriage to his Chadian wife in Saudi Arabia was approved by the Chadian embassy in Riyadh.  An Mustafa Ghalib Al-Bargi claims to have documents to show such approval from the Chadian embassy.

About Saudi Arabia Law On Mixed Marriages

Saudi Arabia imposed this law requiring couple planning mixed marriages to seek official approval from the government for 2 reasons.  First, there was a noticeably surge in the number of mix marriage cases.  Secondly, because of the rising number of men marrying foreign wives, there is also an increase in the number of Saudi spinsters.

If a Saudi citizen wants to marry a foreign spouse, then official permission from the Saudi government must be sought.  The problem is that such official approval can take a couple of years to be approved.  But even after the approval is given by the Saudi government to proceed with the mixed marriage, then the foreign spouse still needs to apply for a long stay residence permit for the non-Saudi spouse.  And that’s by no means a formality – it can be tough.  A rising number of Saudis are migrating because their spouses have difficulty getting a long term residence permit to stay in Saudi Arabia.

Think About It

Mustafa Ghalib Al-Bargi is in a delimna.  Should he appeal the decision by the police to order him to expel his wife within a month?  But the police already determined that Mustafa Ghalib Al-Bargi has broken the law, so is he prejudging the case?

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