Calls For Ariel To Say Sorry

Cut Tari said it, and so did Luna Maya.  They both apologized, although in the case of Luna Maya, she did not admit to being the person in the Peterporn sex videos having sex with Nazril Irham aka Ariel, vocalist from pop band Peterpan. So why is it so difficult for Ariel to say sorry?  Now there are calls for Ariel to do just that – to apologize.

KPAI Said Ariel Should Apologize Publicly To Indonesia’s Children

Hadi Supeno, chairman of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) noted that the pop band Peterpan has at least 30 million young fans.  Hadi Supeno said concerning Ariel: “He should have said, ‘Kids, I’ve done wrong, I’m truly sorry and I sincerely wish none of you will do what I’ve done because it’s not a good thing.’ ”

But why is the KPAI so determined to get an apology from Ariel?  Hadi Supeno said: “We’ve received too many complaints from parents across the country and there are many reports of rape and sexual abuse involving children, both as perpetrators and victims, following the spread of the sex videos.”

So Why Is Ariel Not Apologizing?

Well Ariel (and Luna Maya) may well have been advised by their lawyers not to do so, as apologizing would mean admission of guilt.  So how did Ariel react to calls for him to issue a public apology?  Well Ariel simply maintained that he should not be held solely responsible for the spread of the videos.  Indeed police had recently arrested RJ, the music editor of the Peterpan pop band for uploading the Peterporn sex videos to YouTube stolen from Ariel’s laptop computer.

Ariel’s Plea

Hadi Supeno recently visited he detained Ariel and quoted Ariel as making this plea: “Dear sirs, madams, do not put the blame solely on to me. Blame those who spread the videos and promoted them.”

Hadi Supeno said: “We are not encouraging violent acts, but if Ariel doesn’t apologize soon, violence is very likely to happen.” Hadi Supeno was referring to the threats from hardliners to act “independently” if the case did not come to an immediate and “satisfactory” conclusion.

Demands By The Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) And The Islamic Front Congregation (FUI)

In Ariel’s hometown of Bandung, the FPI are demanding that the city revoke Ariel’s ID card (KTP).  Muhammad Anshori, deputy head of FPI’s Bandung branch said: “We demand the Bandung mayor and the local legislative council cancel Ariel’s ID card.” And the reason for making this demand?  Muhammad Anshori said concerning Ariel: “He has destroyed the nation’s moral values with his pornographic videos.”

Without an ID card (KTP), it is very difficult for Indonesians to work, open bank accounts or secure official documentation.

Will the government heed the demands of FPI? Not likely, judging by the comments of Gamawan Fauzi, Indonesia’s Home Affairs Minister.  Gamawan Fauzi said:  “The ID card is the right of every Indonesian citizen. It applies to everyone and every Indonesian needs it.  It should not go further than that, particularly by canceling out an ID card.”

Meanwhile the Islamic Front Congregation (FUI) called on the Bandung government to ban Ariel from returning to his hometown.

Think About It

With the arrest of RJ, the alleged first uploader of the Peterporn sex videos, and the admission by Cut Tari that she was the one shown in one of the Peterporn sex video engaging in sexual acts with Ariel, the net is fast closing in on Ariel.  Is it time for Ariel to bite the bullet, and to admit his role in the Peterporn sex videos.  Only when he make such an admission is Ariel then in a position to issue a public apology to his army of young fans.  But then again, “sorry” is a very difficult word to say for most people.

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