“Let Me Do It”

Even as police prepare to hand over dossiers of Luna Maya and Cut Tari’s alleged involvement in the Peterporn sex videos, Ariel’s lawyer said that he is willing to produce Ariel’s new songs if nobody is prepared to do so.

Attorney General’s Office To Get Dossiers Of Luna Maya And Cut Tari Soon

National Police detective chief Comr. Gen. Ito Sumardi said the other day concerning the case against Luna Maya and Cut Tari: “We have almost completed their dossiers and will hand them to the Attorney General Office later this week.” Police believe that both Luna Maya and Cut Tari were the persons seen in the 3 Peterporn sex videos, having sex with Nazril Irham aka Ariel.  So far, Cut Tari has publicly admitted to being the person shown in one of these Peterporn sex videos having sex with Ariel about a year after her marriage. But Luna Maya has not made such an admission thus far.

Luna Maya, Cut Tari along with Ariel are charged under the 2008 Anti-Pornography Law,which carries a maximum punishment of 12 years in prison.

Otto Cornelius Kaligis (OC Kaligis)

Meanwhile, Ariel’s lawyer revealed a conversation he had with Ariel recently.  Otto Cornelius Kaligis asked Ariel about his song writing activity.  Otto Cornelius Kaligis said: “I asked him if he was writing songs. Ariel answered ‘Yes, slowly’”.  Then Otto Cornelius Kaligis made this offer to Ariel: ” If people do not want to produce them, let me do it.”

But what did Otto Cornelius Kaligis know about Ariel’s music?  Otto Cornelius Kaligis said: “I apologize, I have never listened to Ariel’s songs, maybe because I’ve been busy with too many cases. However, songs are universal, meaning they do not correspond with this case. If the songs are good listening, then everyone will.”

Otto Cornelius Kaligis said he remained optimistic that people would view the songs for its quality, irrespective of the Peterporn sex videos scandal.

Think About It

What will the Attorney General Office decide to do after receiving the dossiers on Cut Tari and Luna Maya?  Will they proceed to prosecute both of them under the 2008 Anti-Pornography Law?  The complication, at least as far as Cut Tari is concerned, is that she claimed to perform the sex act with Ariel way before 2008 when the Anti-Pornography Law came into force.  How will the Attorney General Office decide on this? And will people still buy songs written by Ariel? If so, why?

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