“The Real Problem Actually Is Not Ariel”

So Luna Maya is still standing by her man, Nazril Irham aka Ariel, lead vocalist from the pop band Peterpan, who is now on trial over his role in the Peterporn sex videos.  Soon after Ariel failed in his attempt to have his case thrown out of court, Luna Maya was quoted in the press as saying: “The real problem actually is not Ariel. We are victims.”

Ariel Failed To Get Case Dismissed

Earlier this week, Ariel’s lawyer Boy Afrian Bondjol tried to get the case against Ariel dismissed on ground that it was simply illogical and unreasonable for Ariel to want to jeopardize his status as a pop star by “participating in a crime” to circulate the now infamous Peterporn sex videos.  As is well known, 2 of the Peterporn sex videos showed Ariel having sex with Luna Maya while the third shows Ariel  with Cut Tari doing the same.

Boy Afrian Bondjo told the Bandung District Court last Monday that “this is not logical and reasonable” but the judge did not buy this argument.  So the trial will continue behind closed door on December 13.

About The Charges Against Ariel

29-year old Ariel has been arrested and detained since June this year.  He has been charged under the 2008 Anti-Pornography Law, the 2008 Information and Electronic Transaction Law (ITE) and under Article 56 of the Criminal Code for “participating in a crime.”  This “crime” relates to the propagating of the Peterporn sex videos in cyberspace. 
Ariel has not been charged with producing these sex videos, although he has been alleged to have filmed himself in the sexual acts with Luna Maya and Cut Tari.  This is because the prosecutors failed to ascertain the exact locations and dates when these sex videos were filmed.

Ariel and Luna Maya have consistently denied that they are the persons shown in the Peterporn sex videos, alluding to the possibility of some look-alikes doing the acts.  However, Cut Tari has admitted that she did it with Ariel in the third Peterporn sex video, but Ariel continued to deny even this.

If Ariel is convicted as charged, he could be jailed for up to 12 years and fined up to Rp 6 billion ($670,000).

Luna Maya Sad

Reacting to the ongoing trial and Ariel’s failure to get his case thrown out of court, Luna Maya spoke of her sadness at the media attention given to this case.  Luna Maya said: “If you see your boyfriend or your husband treated as if he were a public attraction, wouldn’t it make you sad?”  Elaborating further, Luna Maya said: “Before the hearing starts, he is placed in a tiny cell and there are many cameras recording his every move. It makes me sad.”

“We Are Victims”

Luna Maya said: “Before and during the trial, we have been very cooperative. Ariel and I follow the law. We have also received social punishment as well. The real problem actually is not Ariel. We are victims. Since the start, Ariel and I feel that we are victims, but now, we feel more and more cornered. I want to clarify this and seek justice in court.”

But what does Luna Maya want to clarify in court, and what justice does she want?  Luna Maya explains: “They said Ariel helped whoever it was who spread the videos, so why don’t they look for the real person who spread it?”

Coping With The Situation

Luna Maya said that the whole Peterporn sex videos saga has affected both their careers.  Ariel was about to launch a new album with Peterpan when the Peterporn sex videos scandal exploded.  As a result, it was simply not possible to launch that new album.  Luna Maya also suffered, having lost her job as a host on RCTI’s popular “Dahsyat” music show.

So how are Ariel and Luna Maya coping with the situation?  Luna Maya said that Ariel has taken to reading and writing.  She said: “He’s fine. He’s very patient. He fills his time in prison by writing prose and essays. He reads a lot of books.”

As for herself, Luna Maya said: “Other people may think this is hard, but I’ve been through the worst. I am rebuilding my career again. I am starting from zero again.”

Think About It

Does Luna Maya have any choice than to stand by her man?  Can she, for example, turned prosecution witness and admit guilt?  But why would the prosecutor need her when Cut Tari had already admitted guilt? Are Ariel and Luna Maya really victims? 

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