Luna Maya Making A Comeback

When the Peterporn sex videos exploded all over cyberspace last year, the individual careers of the 3 stars – Nazril Irham aka Ariel, Luna Maya and Cut Tari – all came to a screeching halt.  Recently, Ariel resurrected his singing with a performance at his penitentiary, the first time he had sung together with his former Peterpan pop band since last June when he was first detained.  Now Ariel’s girlfriend, who is a suspect in the Peterporn sex videos scandal, is likely to make her own comeback in showbiz soon.

Nada Cina (Love Tune)

MD Entertainment production is planning a sinetron (soap opera) to be called Nada Cina (Love Tune).  Luna Maya plays the role of a cheerleading coach.  Dewi Sandra will co-star with Dewi Sandra who plays the role of a music teacher. The other stars in this sinetron include Randy Pangalila and Mika Tambayong. The Nada Cina sinetron will be aired by Indosiar television station.

Triandy Suyatman, director of program at Indosiar said the Nada Cinta would be one of their top shows. He said: “We placed the sinetron in a prime time slot, because I’m sure she still has a lot of fans.”

K1N6XVI Musical

The same artists of Nada Cina will also appear in the musical K1N6DVI, which is part of a musical celebrating the station’s 16th anniversary on January 11.  Triandy Suyatman said: “Luna and other artists will be involved in the musical K1N6 XVI, which will be aired for three hours.”  Luna Maya will play the queen in this musical.

Why Luna Maya?

But why Luna Maya?  She is a suspect in the Peterporn sex videos scandal, and may be charged in court after Ariel’s case is over.  Triandy Suyatman explains: “Luna is a free individual. She has the right to work. We don’t see any problem with asking Luna to be involved.”

Think About It

Why did the TV station ask Luna Maya to act in Nada Cina and in the musical for its anniversary?  Is it because of money, since Triandy Suyatman said that Luna Maya “still has a lot of fans”?  Money aside, what does the choice of Luna Maya in the musical and in the sinetron say about the TV station concerned?  Is the TV station not worried about demonstrations, protests and confrontations by Muslims who are angered by the Peterporn sex videos involving Luna Maya?

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