Ariel’s Ex-Wife Summoned By Police

National Police are continuing their investigation into the Peterporn sex videos, allegedly featuring Nazril Irham aka Ariel from the pop band Peterpan (now renamed Peterporn in cyberspace), his current girlfriend Luna Maya, and his former girlfriend Cut Tari. They have summoned Ariel’s former wife for questioning even as rumors of further sex videos involving Ariel with other celebrities continue unabated.

Sarah Amalia

Ariel’s former wife, Sarah Amalia, has been summoned by police to assist in its investigations into the Peterporn sex videos.  What did the police ask Sarah Amalia during the meeting?  Sarah Amalia said: “There were several questions, the probe was quite fast. It was only about the video, that’s all.” Perhaps the police were trying to get help from Sarah Amalia to identify whether it was Ariel appearing in the Peterporn sex videos having sex allegedly with Luna Maya and Cut Tari.

Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL)

Meanwhile in blogosphere, bloggers have been searching for a new Youtube video allegedly showing Ariel and singer Bunga Citra Lestari having sex.  However nobody seems able to pinpoint where exactly that elusive video, if it exists, can be downloaded for viewing. 

The rumor started after police reportedly seized 2 personal computers from the studio of Ariel’s pop band, Peterpan.  Police allegedly said later that there were more “obsence” videos found on these computers.

Meanwhile Ariel issued a denial from his detention center.  Ariel said: “I don’t know about that video.”

Think About It

Where did this rumor of Bunga Citra Lestari come from?  Is there any truth in it?  Or is it the product of people who love to see the Peterporn sex videos scandal widen?  If there is truth in it, what will police do about it?  And if true, who else is involved with Ariel?  More celebrities?  More girls?

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