Cut Tari: “I Hate To See The Video”

Finally the day that Cut Tari dreaded most has arrived.  Come Monday December 13, Cut Tari will take the witness stand in the trial of Nazril Irham aka Ariel, lead vocalist from the pop band Peterpan who is charged under Article 56 of the Criminal Code with “participating in a crime” involving the Peterporn sex videos and violating the 2008 Anti-Pornography Law and the 2008 Information and Electronic Transaction Law (ITE). According to Cut Tari’s lawyer, the prosecutor may play the 3rd Peterporn sex video showing her and Ariel having sex.  Reacting to this possibility, an embarrassed Cut Tari said: “I hate to see the video.”

Prosecutor May Screen The Peterporn Sex Video

Hotman Paris Hutapea, counsel for Cut Tari said that there is a great possibility that the prosecutor may decide to play the 3rd Peterporn sex video which Cut Tari had earlier admitted her participation in the sex act with Ariel.  Hotman Paris Hutapea explains:  “What’s interesting is that the prosecutor would usually play the video in the courtroom. That’s why Cut Tari must be ready because the prosecutor would ask her, ‘Who is that?’”

Cut Tari’s Reaction

Reacting to this possibility of having to view the sex video, Cut Tari said: “I hate to see the video. When I was questioned at the National Police headquarters, I personally hated to see it and I was embarrassed because everybody had seen it.”

In July this year, Cut Tari confessed to being the woman seen in this Peterporn sex video having sex with Ariel.  Cut Tari said then: “In fact, I pushed his hand away while he tried to record it with his mobile phone camera. He did keep his phone away. So I didn’t know how he managed to record it.”

Now with the prospect of seeing that sex video again, Cut Tari said that it “feels like reopening an old wound for me. In the past six months, I’ve been trying to forget it and move on with my life.”

On Meeting Ariel In Court

When asked about the coming meeting with Ariel in court, Cut Tari said she will be ready for it, “because it won’t be the first time. It’s the second meeting after we were cross-examined at the National Police Headquarters.”  Then Cut Tari added: “I need to be strong even though I’m not. I need to be calm and strong. This is an extraordinary lesson.”

But why would Cut Tari need to be strong and calm in meeting Ariel in court?  For one thing, her testimony may well send Ariel to jail for up to 12 years and a fine.  But then again there could be another more personal reason. In August this year, at the National Police Headquarters, this particular Peterporn sex video was screened in the presence of Ariel and Cut Tari.  Hotman Paris Hutapea said then: “The video was played and the police asked Ariel, ‘Is it you or not?’ but Ariel still wouldn’t admit that it was him. Ariel said, ‘It’s not me, I didn’t do it and I don’t have any feelings for her [Cut Tari].”  To this, Cut Tari retorted: “If Ariel feels that it’s not him in the video and that he never had any feelings for me, it’s his business. I am very sad. I am sad that he still refuses to admit the video is his and that he doesn’t have any love for me. I’m a woman who has feelings.”

Think About It

Cut Tari said she needs to be ready when she takes the witness stand in court.  She can expect Ariel’s defense counsel to ridicule her testimony, so she should indeed be ready for the unexpected.  Ariel has denied being her sex partner in this particular Peterporn sex video.  Therefore Cut Tari can expect Ariel’s defense counsel to tear into her testimony to discredit her.  This is because Cut Tari’s testimony that she did have sex with Ariel as shown in the Peterporn sex video may well be what’s is needed to send Ariel to up to 12 years in prison and a fine.

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