Police Sure It Was Cut Tari But Says Ariel And Luna Maya Refused To Play Ball

Police conducting scientific crime identification tests have hit a roadblock.  Ariel and Luna Maya are said to have resisted being photographed for forensic purposes.  Cut Tari meanwhile has been cooperative, and had undergone scientific crime identification tests, and police are now very certain that Cut Tari was indeed the character in the sex video with Ariel.

Ariel And Luna Maya Not Playing Ball

If police had hoped that Ariel and Luna Maya are going to be as cooperative as Cut Tari, they are disappointed.  It seems that Nazril Irham aka Ariel and current girlfriend Luna Maya are both refusing to be photographed for forensic purposes.  Perhaps Ariel and Luna Maya refused because they could be required to be photographed in the nude, or semi nude.  A doctor from the  National Police’s medical unit involved in the scientific crime identification tests said: “Ariel and Luna have been very uncooperative. They gave a bunch of excuses for refusing our request, so we didn’t push them.”  Then the doctor added: “We’re almost certain the people in two of the videos are Ariel and Luna, but we need to be able to prove it. Unfortunately, they refuse to play ball.”

Cut Tari Cooperating

The unnamed doctor also said that Cut Tari has cooperated with police, and allowed herself to be photographed.  The doctor said: “She has been very helpful, and this will help speed up the investigation into the case.”

But what is the outcome of such cooperation?  The doctor said: “We crosschecked the pictures with the video and found 32 features of interest that match up. We are a thousand percent convinced it is Cut Tari in the video, no doubt.”

So what might these 32 features be?  The doctor said these include the lips, nose, chin, jaw and eyes.  So what has Cut Tari got to say after these 32 matching features?  The doctor said:  “You can’t deny the scientific proof, but she keeps trying.”

Ariel Received Visitors As Lawyer Seeks His Release

Ariel, vocalist for pop band Peterpan, now in detention received some celebrity visitors yesterday. The celebrity visitors include Ahmad Dhani, Mulan Jameela, Yovie Widianto, Camelia Malik and Titiek Puspa.  Yovie Widianto said: “Ariel’s one of my best friends. This visit has nothing to do with supporting what he may or may not have done.”

Don’t Go Naked In Front Of A Camera

National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Edward Aritonang said recently: “Don’t even think of trying to make a sex video. Just take a look in a mirror, if you must.” Now a local group has taken that advice seriously.  Calling itself Jangan Bugil Depan Kamera, or Don’t Get Naked in Front of a Camera, it called on all Indonesians to stop producing pornography.  The group’s resources coordinator, Peri Umar Farouk said: “Many people think it’s OK to produce pornographic material as long as it is for private use. But with the Internet and today’s technological devices, nothing is private anymore.”   Peri Umar Farouk added that Indonesians love “producing and watching” pornographic videos.  He said concerning a very popular Japanese porn star: “Indonesians also love Asian porn stars. For six consecutive years Indonesia ranked first as the country with the most searches for Maria Ozawa or Miyabi.”  Describing the advent of Web cams, Peri Umar Farouk said: “It’s even more terrifying because it’s real time, like a live show.” And Peri Umar Farouk concluded with this: “If one person spends Rp 1,000 to download the footage, multiply by two million, and multiply again by 800 videos, you do the math. How much money was wasted on downloading porn?”

Think About It

Peri Umar Farouk said that Indonesians love “producing and watching” pornographic videos.  Exactly how widespread is this problem?  Ariel has become a celebrity detainee.  Other celebrities have been visiting him at the detention center.  Should he continue to enjoy such public attention?  Police said they are sure Luna Maya and Cut Tari are the characters in Ariel’s sex videos.  Will they be arrested soon?  If so, will Luna Maya and Cut Tari also attract idol worshippers at the detention center, just like Ariel?

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