Lashkar-i-Islam Says It’s Against Islam

In Pakistan north western tribal areas near Afghanistan, the Lashkar-i-Islam group, a local ally of the Taliban, recently executed a man and a boy whom they found guilty of sodomy.  

Local Culture

The Lashkar-i-Islam group, which is allied to the Taliban, has an active presence in 7 districts in Pakistan’s north western tribal areas near Afghanistan.  This area is often called lawless because the Lashkar-i-Islam seems to be in control.

Here in this tribal region, homosexuality/sodomy is part of local culture.  However, the Taliban considers this as against Islam, and the Lashkar-i-Islam group is enforcing this view when it executed this pair recently.

How They Were Caught

The sexual affair between this man and the boy came to the attention of the Lashkar-i-Islam group after the pair went public.  According to what is reported, the man had sex with the boy, and he videoed the act.  The man, who works in a local loom factory as a machine operator, then began to circulate the video clip of himself having sex with the boy to his friends.

Why would the man do that?  Perhaps he sees nothing wrong.  Remember, same sex affairs are considered local culture in this region. But unfortunately for this man, a copy of his video clip somehow reached the militants of the Lashkar-i-Islam group.

Tortured And Executed

Upon seeing the video clip, the Lashkar-i-Islam group decided to arrest and punish the pair according to Sharia laws.  Militants of the Lashkar-i-Islam group operating in Malik Garhi area of Bara region of Khyber soon tracked the man and the boy down.

Once found, the militants of the Lashkar-i-Islam group immediately seized them and then took them to an undisclosed place.  There they reportedly tortured the man and the boy, presumably to extract a confession from them.

According to Sharia law, the man and the boy faced the death penalty for engaging in an illicit same sex act.  Press reports said the pair were then brought to Malik Garhi around noon.  There, in the presence of a crowd of witnesses, the militants of the Lashkar-i-Islam group pushed the pair down from the bank of River Bara.

The pair then fell down the 10-metre bank, but somehow they survived, albeit seriously injured.  The militants of the Lashkar-i-Islam group, noting that the pair was still alive, then shot them dead.

After that, Sabeel Khan, a local commander of the Lashkar-i-Islam group,told the press that this case serves as a warning that anyone found having illicit relations would face the same fate.

Think About It

Can Pakistan afford to continue to let the Lashkar-i-Islam group to operate as if they govern these 7 districts in the north western region of Pakistan? Should the Lashkar-i-Islam group shoot the guilty pair to death after they survived a 10-metre fall down the bank of River Bara?

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