Actress Veena Malik Outtalked Muft Abdul Qawi On Live TV Debate

For once a Muslim cleric was at a loss, not knowing what to say after being outtalked by actress Veena Malik live on TV in Pakistan.  On Twitter, several comments followed that live TV debate, with some calling her a very brave girl for taking on the Pakistan clerical establishment.

How It Started

26-year old Pakistani actress Veena Malik appeared on an Indian reality TV show recently.  This is the popular “Bigg Boss”, which is an Indian version of “Big Brother”.  Typically, celebrity contestants on this “Bigg Boss” reality show are required to stay in a well furnished house located in Lonavala in the Pune district of Maharashtra. For around 3 months, these contestants are cut off from the outside world without TV, phone, and internet connections.  In fact there are no clocks, pen or paper in the house.  During their stay in this house, the celebrity contestants are supervised by “Bigg Boss”.  The problem is that nobody can see “Bigg Boss” – his presence is through his voice.

Veena Malik appeared to cuddle with Indian actor Ashmit Patel in this recent episode of “Bigg Boss”.  Very quickly, video clips of those scenes appeared on the internet.  And soon there were plenty of comments, mostly critical, about Veena Malik’s cuddling with Ashmit Patel, and that fact that she appeared in India’s TV reality show (India being the archrival of Pakistan).

Live Debate On Express TV Talk Show

The controversy involving Veena Malik’s participation and action on India’s “Bigg Boss” reality TV show culminated with a live TV debate on the Express TV channel recently.  Participating in the TV debate through a television link was Pakistani Mufti Abdul Qawi.

Opening the debate, Mufti Abdul Qawi told Veena Malik: “You have insulted Pakistan and Islam.”  Mufti Abdul Qawi probably did not expect this, but he was met with a ferocious reply from Veena Malik who asked defiantly: “What is your problem with me? You tell me your problem!”  Her comments was punctuated with tears.

Veena Malik then tried to define the problem with Mufti Abdul Qawi.  Veena Malik suggested that Mufti Abdul Qawi was targeting her simply because she is a woman.  Veena Malik then told Mufti Abdul Qawi that there are bigger problems in Pakistan than her participation in India’s “Bigg Boss” reality TV show, citing the issue of rapes of children at madrasas. 

The Slip Up

Assuming that Mufti Abdul Qawi had watched the Bigg Boss episode recently, Veena Malik told him that Islam admonishes men for staring at a woman’s beauty beyond the first glance. But then somewhere in the show, Mufti Abdul Qawi slipped up, telling Veena Malik that he had not watched that show, but that he made his comments on the basis of what his friends who saw the show told him.

Veena Malik then responded by firing a broadside, saying: ” What does your Islam say, mufti sir?  You issue edicts on the basis of hearsay.”

When Mufti Abdul Qawi stayed silent, Veena Malik continued: “I am a Muslim woman, and I know my limits.”  As example, Veena Malik pointed out that she never kissed Ashmit Patel because she knew the OB markers that she is not supposed to cross as a Muslim entertainer.


There were several comments on Twitter and other online forums and social media. One supporter wrote: “The only way to talk to these bloody clerics is to talk down to them. Veena Malik did just that, and how. Good for her!” Others commented on potential personal danger to Veena Malik after bravely standing up to the Pakistani clerical establishment.

Think About It

Is it right for Mufti Abdul Qawi to pass judgement on Veena Malik on the basis of hearsay?  Is Veena Malik in danger for her life after speaking out against Abdul Qawi on live TV?  Will Mufti Abdul Qawi issue a fatwa on Veena Malik for having “insulted Pakistan and Islam”?  Should he?

2 Thoughts on “Pakistan – Actress Veena Malik To Mufti Abdul Qawi: “You Issue Edicts On The Basis Of Hearsay”


  2. Asad Ali on January 27, 2011 at 9:35 AM said:

    I think Mufti should mind his own business. These muftis are always after week and vulnerable to push a useless topic into a bigger issue for politics and money. He has no right to interfere or dictate her, in one simple sentence.

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