Women Support Ban On Gender Mixing

Just when it seems that the anti-sex segregation lobby is gaining momentum in Saudi Arabia, along came a group of Saudi women declaring their support for the existing law. What prompted this action, and why did they do it?

Open Letter

Noor Al-Islam published an open letter on its website.  This open letter is entitled: “Women of Saudi Arabia support its leaders on the ban of sexes mixing”.  The open letter is addressed to top Saudi leaders and religious scholars. 

As of now, more than 1,600 Saudi women have added their names in support of this open letter.

Protection & Preservation

The open letter declares that Saud women are saddened by recent reports calling for gender mixing in Saudi Arabia.  It goes on to say: “We feel happiness and security in the shade of this religion by which God has honored us and brought us from darkness into light. Islam fully protects our rights and preserves our purity and chastity.”

The open letter says that those who call for the abolition of the sex segregation law have bad intentions for women, such as forcing women to become victims of sex abuse, harassment, rape and infectious diseases like AIDS.  Its says that Islamic scholars who object to gender mixing are actually doing so to protect women.

Abeer Al-Otaibi, a signatory of the open letter added that the hijab safeguards women’s chasity and modesty.  Abeer Al-Otaibi said: “Women are like sweets. If you keep them out in the open, then nobody will take them. On the other hand, if you cover them then everybody will like them.”

Western Culture

The open letter says that those lobbying for free gender mixing are actually promoting western culture.  They make use of women as a gateway for sedition and evil in Saudi Arabia. The open letter says: “They do this under the pretext of protecting women.”

Describing such lobbyists as secularists, the open letter accusses them of wanting to do away with the sex segregation law, the hijab, the male guardianship law, and rejecting Shariah laws and religious fatwas by Islamic scholars.

Referring to supporters of western culture, the open letter says that they “speak on behalf of us as if they are our well-wishers; we have not appointed them to demand our rights.”  Then referring to the pro-gender mixing media, the open letter says: “If you were truthful you should have given us the opportunity through the media to speak about ourselves; you have monopolized the media without giving us a chance.”

The Demands

The open letter makes 3 demands.

First, it calls on the rulers of Saudi Arabia to stop people from deriding its religious teachings, Islamic scholars and religious rulings.

Next it calls on the authorities to get rid of people who support gender mixing from the country’s media and educational institutions.

Lastly, the open letter calls on Islamic scholars, especially the grand mufti, to work with the authorities to challenge the proponents of gender mixing.  It says: “They should also enlighten the public and warn them against the secularists who are trying to spread evil in the country.”

A Warning

Finally, the open letter warns supporters of gender mixing that they will be questioned on the Day of Judgment.  It added: “We ask them to return to the truth and review their opinions. History will not show mercy toward those who tamper with the issues of religion and the Ummah.”

Think About It

What weight can be placed on an online petition?  Does 1,600 signatories represent a significant number of Saudi women?  Or is it insignificant?  What is the true feeling of Saudi women on this subject of gender mixing?  Do they want to do away with the sex segregation law?  And do the argument in this open letter that doing away with sex segregation law is harmful to women true?

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