Forced Prostitution

Last I looked, the traditional marriage vows still have the element of faithfulness to one another between the bride and the bridegroom.  But nowadays it seems that marriage vows are not being kept.  In Indonesia, a man forced his wife into prostitution in order to clear his debts.  Now, would that be a form of human trafficking?

Haerul Asri

38-year old Haerul Asri decided to run for election to the West Sulawesi Legislative Council in 2009.  He contested for a seat in the Polewali Mandar (Polman) district.  Haerul Asri failed in that election, and that’s where his problem started.  Being a failed political candidate, he had campaign debts to pay, with no income to tap on. 

Haerul Asri’s wife, Nad, said: “His business suffered from the political campaign fund and he started to borrow money from people. When he lost the election, debt collectors came knocking on our door every day.”


Nad has been married to Haerul Asri for 14 years.  They have 2 children from this marriage.  But when Haerul Asri ran into financial problem, the family basically fell apart.  Until that fateful decision to run for the elections, Haerul Asri and Nad were happily running a motorcycle showroom and business was good.

Forced Prostitution

Haerul Asri decided that he would prostitute his wife Nad.  Haerul Asri would beat his wife into submission each time Nad refuses to have sex with “clients”, who for the most part were his friends.  Haerul Asri charged these “clients” between $34 to $56 for sex with his wife. 

Apparently Nad couldn’t take it any longer and ran away from Haerul Asri.  Nad returned to her parents’ home, and her parents took her to make a police report. Nad said: “He would beat me and threaten to kill me if I said I didn’t want to do it. Until I finally decided to run away and go home to Samarinda,”

Haerul Asri is now facing the prospect of being jailed for up to15 years.

Think About It

What makes a man to force his wife into prostitution?  Aside from being immoral and illegal, isn’t this type of forced prostitution but another form of human trafficking?  What about the effects of forced prostitution on the children?

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