What’s Happening To The Beloved Lagu Dangdut?

Indonesians love the dangdut songs.  Now the traditional dangdut songs have gone “modern”, but this has proved to be too much for the West Nusa Tenggara Broadcasting Commission (KPID), which banned 10 dangdut songs found to contain pornographic lyrics from the airwaves last month.

The Complaint

Explaining the decision to impose the ban on the 10 offensive dangdut songs, Badrun A M, head of the West Nusa Tenggara Broadcasting Commission said that it was acting on a specific complaint from a group of concerned citizens from the province.  This group includes academics and cultural scientists.

The specific complaint is about pornographic lyrics or words being used in these 10 dangdut songs.  Acccording to Badrun A M, the West Nusa Tenggara Broadcasting Commission examined over 200 dangdut songs and found these 10 dangdut songs to contain offensive words in its lyrics or titles.

Badrun A M said: “In principle we do not wish to curb the creativity of anyone’s art, but the KPID also wishes to protect the public from the negative impacts of listening to these songs. There’s the potential for children and teenagers to copy what they hear.”

Another fear is that the pornographic actions portrayed in these 10 banned dangdut songs might become “commonplace” if these banned songs become too popular.

Any station which defy the ban and broadcast any of the 10 banned dangdut songs could find itself being reprimanded, or have its broadcasting hours reduced, or in the extreme case, have its broadcasting license canceled.

The Lyrics That Offend

Badrun A M described some of the lyrics as “very vulgar”, “completely inappropriate” and not representative of “our Eastern culture”. 

So what are some of these offending lyrics or titles?  Consider these:

“Mucikari Cinta” (“Pimping Love”) – where a husband sells his wife as a prostitute.

“Jupe Paling Suka 69″ (“Jupe Likes 69 Best”) – sung by dangdut diva Julia Perez in an erotic voice complete with lustful sighs portraying intimate sexual acts in her favored position.

“Mobil Bergoyang” (“Rocking Car”) – sung by Lia M J and Asep Rumpi.  This dangdut song is said to promote sex outside of marriage, with several sex positions included in the lyrics.

According to Badrun A M, 2 of the banned dangdut songs are considered “very vulgar and completely inappropriate to be heard by our community” because these make specific reference to genitalia.  The 2 songs are “Wanita Lubang Buaya” (“A Woman’s Crocodile Hole”) sung by Minawati Dewi and “Ada Yang Panjang” (“Here’s Something Long”) sung by Rya Sakila.

Also included in the list of 10 banned dangdut songs are “Maaf Kamu Hamil Duluan” (“Sorry I Got You Pregnant”) sung by Ageng Kiwi, “Hamil Duluan” (“Accidentally Pregnant”) sung by uty Wibowo, and “Apa Aja Boleh” (“Anything Goes”) sung by Della Puspita.

Think About It

Does “modernizing” the dangdut songs mean having to include pornographic lyrics in them?  If not, then why corrupt the beautiful dangdut songs with pornography?  Could it be that sex sells and that money is the motive behind this? If so, what does this mean for Indonesia, which has the largest Muslim population in the world?

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