“It’s Not Him”

Muhammad Anis Matta, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and concurrently the secretary-general of the Prosperous Justice Party must be a happy man now.  The police has just cleared him of any involvement in a recent sex video clip circulating in cyberspace that showed a naked couple engaging in sex in which the man appeared to resemble Muhammad Anis Matta.

“We Are Convinced”

Chief Comr. Sulistiyono, the head of the cybercrime unit within the National Police said: “We are convinced that it was not [Anis] in the video.”  But how did the National Police arrive at this conclusion?  The answer lies in the use of digital forensics.

Elaborating further, Chief Comr. Sulistiyono said: “We compared the actor in the video with Anis’s picture using digital forensic techniques and the two pictures did not match.  Even the size of the face of the actor in the video was different. It bears a resemblance to [Anis], but it’s not him.”

Digital forensic was also used in the trial of Nazril Irham aka Ariel from which Ariel was found to be the person shown having sex with Luna Maya and Cut Tari in different Peterporn sex videos.

“Personal Attack”

How did Muhammad Anis Matta react to this piece of good news?  He said: “This is a personal attack against myself as the party’s secretary general, and it is directed at the PKS [Partai Keadilan Sejahtera  or the Prosperous Justice Party] itself.” 

Muhammad Anis Matta had earlier said: “This is slander. It’s absolutely not me, we have a healthy family.”

Think About It

What is the motive of the person who posted the sex video online?  Now that the National Police said it is not Muhammad Anis Matta in the sex video clip, then who was this lookalike person?  

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