Luna Maya, Cut Tari Should Be Charged

Nazril Irham aka Ariel, the former lead vocalist of pop band Peterpan, has been paroled and is now out of prison.  Just the other day, the National Police indicated that the case against 2 female suspects – Luna Maya and Cut Tari – may be dropped for lack of evidence.  This prompted high profile lawyer Farhat Abbas to call for Luna Maya to be charged, saying: “The law must be upheld otherwise this will be a matter of discrimination. In fact, Ariel and Luna should have been tried at the same time.”  Now MUI has stepped into the picture, saying that both Luna Maya and Cut Tari should be charged in what is now known as the Peterporn sex videos scandal in which Ariel is seen having sex with both these women in separate videos.

About The Police Case Against Luna Maya And Cut Tari

In Indonesia, it is illegal to produce, distribute or possess pornographic materials.  Ariel was charged and convicted under Indonesia’s Electronic Information and Transaction Law.  Luna Maya and Cut Tari were later named as suspects in the Peterporn sex videos case.  Luna Maya has always denied being the woman in the Peterporn sex videos shown having sex with Ariel.  Cut Tari on the other hand did admit to being that woman in one of the three Peterporn sex videos shown having sex with Ariel.  But neither Luna Maya nor Cut Tari was charged in court.  Now the National Police is saying that the case against Luna Maya and Cut Tari may just be dropped.

Explaining the National Police’s position, Comr. Gen. Sutarman, the National Police chief of detective said: “[We will consider] whether these actresses should be charged under the Electronic Information and Transaction Law or Porn Law.”

But investigators are having a tough time linking Luna Maya and Cut Tari to the distribution of the Peterporn sex videos, notwithstanding that both actresses appear in these videos.

Comr. Gen. Sutarman said that the dossier on the case against Luna Maya and Cut Tari has been sent to the Attorney General, but this has been returned to the National Police citing a lack of evidence.

Comr. Gen. Sutarman added: “If the dossier is again returned [from the prosecutor] and we cannot complete it, it means there is a lack of evidence.  In that case, it could be [terminated] for the sake of legal certainty.”

Baying For Blood

The Indonesian Ulema Council (Majelis Ulama Indonesia or MUI) has now joined lawyer Farhat Abbas in calling for Luna Maya and Cut Tari to be prosecuted.

Salim Usman, head of the edict commission at the West Java chapter of the MUI said: “Why has no legal action been taken against Luna Maya and Cut Tari, as was in the case with Ariel? That is necessary to ensure justice and make them learn their lesson.”

Urging the National Police to take legal action, Salim Usman added: “Ariel had partners in the videos, who were Luna Maya and Cut Tari. It’s already obvious. Why only the male being punished?”

Calling for the case aginst Luna Maya and Cut Tari not to be dropped, Salim Usman said that it’s better that police process the case late than not process it at all.

Comment On Fans’ Reaction To Ariel’s Release From Prison

On the day of his release from Kebon Waru Penitentiary, Ariel was greeted by many enthusiastic fans who were waiting outside the prison and also outside his home.

Reacting to this enthusiastic response, Salim Usman said: “I don’t think he has good morals. It’s okay to admire him, but it should be only because of his talent in music.”

Think About It

Why indeed is Ariel the only person prosecuted and sent to jail over the Peterporn sex videos?  Is lawyer Farhat Abbas right then to say that not prosecuting Luna Maya and Cut Tari is a “matter of discrimination?” And is Salim Usman right in concluding that Ariel does not have good morals and by implication, Ariel is a bad role model for his fans to follow?

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