Divorced But Now Virginal

Remember dangdut singer Dewi Perssik (also known as Dewi Persik)?  The thrice divorced 25-year old Dewi Perssik has just proclaimed herself a virgin once more after undergoing hymen surgery probably in Egypt.

“My Physical Condition Is Now Virginal”

Dewi Perssik (Dewi Persik) performed the umroh (minor hajj pilgrimage) in Saudi Arabia recently.  But instead of returning back to Indonesia after completing the umroh, Dewi Perssik made a detour to neighboring country believed to be  Egypt.  There Dewi Perssik checked herself into a medical facility.  But Dewi Perssik was not there because of any illness.  Instead Dewi Perssik went there for elective surgery.

So what kind of elective surgery did Dewi Perssik undergo?  Now Dewi Perssik bared it all, declaring that she went for hymen surgery.  Back in Jakarta, Dewi Perssik said: “I’ve undergone surgery. My status is divorced but my physical condition is now virginal.”  In other words, Dewi Perssik now considers herself a virgin.

Confirming the fact that the  hymen surgery took place overseas, Dewi Perssik said: “The surgery was conducted after the umroh recently. I received good medical treatment.”

Thrice Divorced

At 25 years of age, Dewi Perssik is no stranger to sex, having been married and divorced three times already.  Her former husbands include fellow dangdut singer Saipul Jamil,  Muslim convert from Netherlands Farid Yusuf Mansur and TV actor Aldiansyah Tahir. 

Topless Photo

Last December a topless photo of Dewi Perssik began circulating in cyberspace.  Expressing shock at what she claimed was an unauthorized publication, Dewi Perssik said: “Yes, that is me. It’s an old photo. I forgot when the picture was taken. I do like to pose like that with my long hair covering my breast. It was for fun.”

However not everyone found her topless photo fun.  Majelis Taklim Mahabatu Rasullulah Jakarta, a female Muslim group, reported Dewi Perssik to the police.  The Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) also lodged a police report against Dewi Perssik, attaching 3 photos of Dewi Perssik in various poses of nudity, and another photo of Dewi Perssik kissing the cheek of rock singer Ahmad Dhani.

Habib Salim Alatas, the chair of the Jakarta branch of the Islamic Defenders Front said then: “Women are sick of those porn photos, even more, the men. It has not only caused excitement, but it has damaged the faith and the morals of the nation.”

Assault Charge

In February this year, Dewi Perssik was summoned by the police for questioning over an alleged assault on a fellow singer, Julia Perez.  Both Julia Perez and Dewi Perssik were then shooting a movie called Arwah Goyang Karawant (The Rocking Ghost from Karawang) when they got into a physical fight.  Both Julia Perez and Dewi Perssik subsequently filed police reports against each other, claiming to be assualted by each other.

Think About It

What Dewi Perssik did with her body is for her to decide.  But what is the purpose of announcing that she had underwent a hymen surgery to the public?  Is she planning to get married again?  Is Dewi Perssik a good role model for Indonesian girls? More specifically, for Muslim girls?

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