Winner Gets Her Man

Aceh, Indoneisa’s only province where Sharia law is partially enforced, is probably the last place one would expect to find gigolos being sought by affluent young women, who are often married.  This growing sexual promiscuity is said to have started about a year ago when the ladies began to gather together to hold a raffle, with the winner taking the prize money to pay for sex with a young good looking gigolo.

“Get Satisfaction From These Young Men”

So why would the young, affluent married women  participate in such a raffle where the winner is expected to pay for a male escort to be her sleeping sex partner for the night?

The answer, according to Dahlia, the chairwoman of the Aceh Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Agency (BP3A), is really simple. Dahlia said that the wives of certain public officials and prominent businessmen were known to participate in the raffles “just to get satisfaction from these young men”.


So how much does it cost to engage the sexual services of these gigolos? Dahlia has the answer.  She said: “The amount paid can be negotiated. For a single encounter it can range between Rp 5 million and Rp 10 million ($515 to $1,030). So the women involved are those who can afford to pay such sums”.

But these women have thought through the financing plan.  They get their money via a raffle.  Dahlia explains: “These young mothers get together in a cafe or a hotel and hold a raffle in which the prize is a sum of money that the winner uses to pay to sleep with a good-looking young man”.

And what did the people of Aceh province react to this?  Dahlia said: “We’re actually very ashamed of this practice happening here in Aceh because it’s really bad”.

Prostitution Also Growing

Dahlia warned that the problem is not just the growing number of gigolos, or male prostitutes.  Female prostitution is also a growing problem.  Dahlia waned that many teenage girls in Aceh are willing to prostitute themselves to older men for money.

How did these young gigolo-seeking women and teenage prostitute girls come to such a sad situation?  Dahlia put the blame squarely on poor parenting and negative household influences.  She said: “Education is important, but if there’s no attention from the parents, it’s very hard to tackle this kind of behavior”.

Dahlia also blames the easy access to the internet as well.  She said: “How can we guarantee that they’re not accessing forbidden sites? It’s these sites that compel them to experiment and have sex. We need to find a solution to this immediately”.

Sharia Law Also To Blame

Dahlia said that another reason for the increasing sexual promiscuity in Aceh is because under the Sharia bylaws of Aceh, the punishment for engaging in extramarital sex is getting “only caned a few times”.

According to Dahlia, these bylaws should be amended to impose stronger punishment for extramarital sex, like jailing the offenders.  She said: “I really hope that stronger bylaws can be truly enforced. Whoever violates these bylaws must be fully punished under the true terms of Islamic Sharia that we have been calling for”.

Think About It

Dahlia said that the wives of certain officials and businessmen are among the participants at raffles to win the right to an fully paid all-night sexual encounter with a gigolo “just to get satisfaction from these young men”.  That implies that these wives are not getting sexual satisfaction from their husbands. Why?  But at the same time, these husbands could well be the ones getting the services of the growing number of young teenage female prostitutes.  How then can such marriages be saved?  Is Dahlia right in saying that the current Sharia bylaws in Aceh do not provide adequate deterent to stop extramarital sex? If so, what can be done to stop this?  And what does it say about Aceh province, the only province in Indonesia where Sharia is partially in force?


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