Prominent Lombok Legislator In YouTube Sex Video

While Indonesia is still in the midst of the Peterporn sex video scandal, in which 3 characters resembling Nazril Irham aka Ariel from the pop band Peterpan, his current girlfriend Luna Maya and his ex-girlfriend Cut Tari appeared, now in Lombok a prominent local legislator in an election runoff claims to be sabotaged by the hosting of a YouTube video showing him having sex with a woman.  And in a starked contrast to the Peterporn sex videos, police are not taking action agains him, despite his admission to be the person in the video.

Suhaili Fadli Tohir

On May 25, a 5-minute YouTube video was uploaded.  It shows prominent local legislator Suhaili Fadli Tohir in a hotel room having sex with a woman.  In the light of the widespread public furore over the Peterporn sex videos allegedly involving Ariel, Luna Maya and Cut Tari, there were calls for police to investigate Suhaili Fadli Tohir. 

Suhaili Fadli Tohir was in the midst of an election battle when the sex video was uploaded to YouTube.  Suhaili Fadli Tohir was then running for the office of district head of  Central Lombok.  In the June 7 district election, he narrowly lost to Gede Sakti.  Suhaili Fadli Tohir got 21% of the votes which Gede Sakti got 24%.  Suhaili Fadli Tohir believed that the sex video, uploaded some 2 weeks before the June 7 district election, denied him the victory.  As it is, a runoff election between Suhaili Fadli Tohir is now scheduled for July 19.

The Sex Video

Unlike Ariel who is still denying that he was the character in the Peterporn sex videos with Luna Maya and Cut Tari, Suhaili Fadli Tohir readily admitted that he was the person in the YouTube video.  But then he claimed that the woman in that sex video is his wife.

Police Reaction

Police in West Nusa Tenggara have reacted quite differently to the sex video involving Suhaili Fadli Tohir and his wife compared to the reaction of the National Police over the Peterporn sex videos.  Could it be because the Peterporn sex videos involved Ariel, Luna Maya and Cut Tari, 3 well known celebrities while the Suhaili Fadli Tohir sex video involved a non-celebrity local legislator in one of Indonesia’s least developed provinces?

West Nusa Tenggara Police said that they have not found any indications of criminal wrongdoing so far.  Brig. Gen. Arif Wachyunadi, the provincial police chief of Lombok said: “So far we haven’t found any indication of criminal wrongdoing.” Brig. Gen. Arif Wachyunadi added: “Presumption of innocence is the key here. Meanwhile, we urge the public not to overreact to the video.”

Sex between husband and wife is of course not a criminal offense.  Brig. Gen. Arif Wachyunadi said that police are not compelled to treat this as a crime if nobody files a complaint about the production, uploading and distribution of this Suhaili Fadli Tohir sex video.

Think About It

Did Suhaili Fadli Tohir shoot that video of himself having sex with his wife?  If so, how did it get uploaded to YouTube?  Did someone steal that video and upload it to YouTube?  Was it an attempt to sabotage his election campaign? Given the widespread interest in the Peterporn sex videos allegedly involving Ariel, Luna Maya and Cut Tari, will anyone file a complaint over the Suhaili Fadli Tohir sex video?  Come to think about it, did anyone filed a complain over the Peterporn sex videos?  If yes, who? If no, then why did the National Police get involved?  And are Indonesians so addicted to pornography?  Why are all these sex videos being filmed and distributed via cyberspace in Muslim majority Indonesia?

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